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I have a 1981 Corvette, I have just put a new crate motor in the car. I have REMOVED the computer and because of this I had to change the carburator and distributor. here is a list on the motor parts:
350 cubic inches 4.00″ Bore, 3.47″ stroke
8.5:1 compression ratio
300 HP @ 5200 RPM
368 ft. lbs of torque @ 3700 RPM

Engine Consists of the following parts:

  •  Block- part# 10066034, casting# 10066036
  • 2 piece rear mail seal 4 bolt main
  • Crankshaft -part# 93426651, Nodular Iron 1985 and
    older flywheel bolt pattern
  • powdered metal Connecting rods- part# 10108688
  • Cast Aluminum pistons- part# 93422884
  • G.M. High Volume pump, oil pump part# 12555284
  • Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Intake Lift-.443″
    Exhaust Lift-.465″ Intake duration @ .050 ” -214 Exhaust duration @
    .050″-224, lobe seperation-112. This can has a mechanical fuel pump lobe.
  • Edelbrock performer EPS intake manifold ( Which I
    removed and put on the intake from the original motor)
  • Cylinder heads- part # 93438649, 1.94″ intake
    valve, 1.50″ exhaust valve, 76cc Combustion Chamber, 7 bolt style
    exhaust flange standard, 1985 and prior intake manifold pattern.
    Permeter bolt style Valve Covers. This head is very similar to the old
    #882 castings from the 1970’s.

Here is what I am looking for: Suggested initial timing, rate of advance and total timing. The car now has a Q-jet 750 Stage 2 carburator. It has an automatic transmission. Can you PLEASE help me with this information. Thank you very much.

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  1. The cam is quite mild and thus I would start with the stock timing at 4 before TDC (Top Dead Center) and look for a total timing of around 32 to 36. I would advance the timing 2 degrees at a time untill you either here the engine ping or the rear tires brake loose easily then back it off 2 degrees. If the engine pings you can always incrfease your octane to all the ability to advance the timing more. But with your compression 87 octane will work just fine.

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