Radio and air conditioner center panel

I have a 2005 RX8 and I have lost all power to radio and a/c control panel. The dash has all lights , windows work, seat warmer and cig lighter works. Just the radio and control panel for heat and a/c. You can turn on the blower for fan for a/c and it works just can not switch from a/c to heat, defrost, etc. We have checked all fuses and none are blown. Any suggestions on this issue??Lisa

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  1. Sure sounds like a blown fuse for sure. I would obtain a wiring diagram and look closley to see if there isn’t a related fuse. If you need a wiring diagram, use the link to your left. The A/C control sends a signal to the mode door actuator in order to have the air flow from the defrost, dash, floor, etc.

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