saturn sl1 trouble

i have a saturn sl1…until recently it ran great, but now it hesitates like it doesnt want to accelerate…to the point it wont go over 45 mph..also the rpms shoot up to 4 before it wants to accelerate at all…it wont accelerate at all on any type of incline either…it also revs sounding like a bad muffler job lol…when i first start the car and go it is fine until i come to a stop or the engine warms up..if u could give me any insight it would be great …thanks

2 thoughts on “saturn sl1 trouble”

  1. Now, my 2002 sc2 did the same thing, but I got the code p0300 and before this started happening it was code p0733. Now, it says 3rd great incorrect ratio. What does that mean? My tranny fluid is pink but it is supposed to smell sweet according to all the boards but has a burnt scent when I smell it up close. Now, my tranny would have problems when I first started the car up in the morning(I live in a warm climate), however afterwards it operated normally once the car was at operating heat. I don’t get it?!

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