2002 town & country, fuel starvation

3 thoughts on “2002 town & country, fuel starvation”

  1. For some reason I tried twice to post and It would not co operate, 2002 T&C 138k miles flexifuel 3.3 2WD. It drives like a starving fuel pump getting ready to go out. Hard acceleration is great, Soft acceleration NG and leveling criusing speed NG whether its 25mph or 70mph. The ECM is a reman, no codes found, So I installed a fuel filter and new oem fuel pump. Same problem. I’m ruling out any misfires It’s not that (I was a HD Diesel Mech 28yrs ret) what should I replace next, tps,fuel pressure regulator, or is there a sensor needing to be replaced, It does it hot or cold eng. no fuel leaks. where is the regulator located? if I have to replace it. any help would be nice.

  2. I would look more at the MAF Sensor and Catalytic converter. You can test the back pressure of the converter that plugs into an upstream O2 Sensor hole and should stay under 1.5 psi. Also, Unplug the MAF Sensor and see if it straigtens out…

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