Aug 312011

Every time when braking, When I first push down the brake pedal lightly you at first feel a little twinge I guess you would call it, but then the feeling disappears and the brakes work alright. I may hear a little sound when the pedal is pushed I had the brakes checked and they said the brakes are good. I tend to notice it more after a lot of driving or if the weather is really humid. Any Ideas!!! I have a 2004 Hyundai Elantra GL

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  1. Is this twinge the pedal pushing back against your foot… if so this would be the ABS system. If you press harder the first time does it not make the twinge?

  2. It happens to mine too and my mechanic told me that I need to flip rotor. He said pads are good but Rotor is thinning up. So it might be your rotor.

  3. i have a 95 camry the breaks lock up some times what is it

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