Vibration Issues

I own a 1987 BMW 528e, that I just bought 3 months ago. When I bought the car the front brakes were grinding, so I replaced the front brakes and rotors since the rotors had grooves in them. Then I replaced the rear brakes. I also just put new tires and sway bar links on the front. My front Driver’s side sway bar was broken so I just replaced them both. We thought that or the tires was causing the vibration in the steering wheel and the car, but she is still vibrating. From my research it says either my rotors are warped or uneven, but the front ones are new, the back ones are a little shiny but no grooves. Any help is greatly appreciated


1 thought on “Vibration Issues”

  1. First thing I would do would be to swap the front tires with the back tires and see if the vibration follows the tires…. if it does, you may have a busted belt in on of the tires. If there is no change then move on to checking the rotors, using a dial-indicator you want the run out to be less than 1.5 or you will feel the warpage. If they check out ok, jack the wheel off the ground, safely support it and then check for loose suspension parts…

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