” 2003 Pontiac Grand AM GT ”

” Symptoms ”

Are a lack of power during the day

it gets to the point to where I lose MPH when going up all hills and it takes a 1/4 mile to
get it up to 45 and longer to get it up to 70

it was quick just a month ago also as it reaches normal running temperature that’s when the power starts to lose it bad yet it runs better at
night until it gets warmed up again

I’ve had the service engine soon light come on a couple of times but it went out on my way home late at night. can anyone help?

3 thoughts on “WHAT IS CARS PROBLEM ?”

  1. First thing to do would be to have the check engine light codes pulled. This should help guide us in the right direction so as you aren’t replacing a catalytic converter that really doesn’t need to be replaced.

  2. My 2003 grand am just cut off. When I tried to restart it it seems like it’s out of gas. I need to know witch fuse to check, where are the filters and how to get to the fuel pump

  3. Filter – There is no service interval for fuel filter replacement. Only replace the fuel filter if the filter is restricted. Inspect the fuel tank internally and clean the fuel tank if you find a restricted fuel filter.

    Fuel Pump – Located in the fuel tank. Removal of fuel tank required.

    Fuel pump relay – #18
    Fuel Pump fuse #48
    Engine Compartment Fuse Box

    A quick test to see if the issue is fuel related would be to spray starting fluid in the air filter and see if it will start for a few seconds.

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