Oct 052011

A few days ago when starting the van the blower motor, radio and windows wouldnt work.  After about 10 minutes they just came on.  The van starts and runs normally but now almost every time I start it the same problem occurs but the blower, windows and radio come on in just a few seconds.  The other electronic things seem to work.  Headlights blinkers etc…   Is there some relay or module that may be going bad.  I hope its not the bcm as they are expensive.  FYI there may be other electrical components that don’t work but those are the only ones that I have found so far.    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.    This board has been a big help in the past.

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  1. First thing to look at would be the battery connections for any corrosion or dirt. Make sure they are clean and tight. You can also turn it on and wiggle the cables a bit to see if it loses connection. Beyond that you are probably looking at the BCM.

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