1996 Ford F-150 XLT 5.0 302 bogging under load, PLEASE HELP!

I am stumped! I have changed fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump sock, after this the truck ran fine for about half a block. Then I started surfing F-150 forums and from what I read I decided to check the vacuum lines, the one under the throttle body leaked when I touched it, so I replaced it.The truck then ran fine for about five miles. Now its worse than ever. If any body can help me you would be saving my neck. Thank You.  Also I pulled the codes and it read lean banks 1 and2.

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  1. Most common causes for this is a clogged fuel filter in earlier models and a dirty/failing MAF Sensor on ’96 and newer models. In some cases the catalytic converter being clogged can give a similar issue but normally will run ok until the engine warms up.

    Try unplugging the MAF sensor and test drive it.

  2. Thank you for the advise, sorry it took me so long to get back. I unplugged the MAF and gave it a test drive, seemed to rev a little higher than before, but after reaching half throttle I experienced the all to familiar shudder, shake, & bog until I let off the throttle.
    I’m sorry to say that In my original query I left out what may be a very important tid bit. The problem originated after a Jag rear ended me at a stop sign, just a minor fender bender or bumper bender in this case, but it was enough to activate the emergency fuel shut off switch. I rolled on idling to a near by parking lot where the truck died from lack of fuel flow. I reset the switch and she cranked right up, and sounded fine. It wasn’t until the Jag pulled away, and I pulled out behind her that I realized the truck was not running right. Sorry, I’m sure that is probably pretty important info. ANY HELP APPRECIATED, THANK YOU.

  3. In this case you might want to take a look to see if any of the fuel lines have been bent or kinked… the next step would be to have a fuel pressure test run to make sure it is getting the right amount of fuel.

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