1998 Lincoln Town Car Windows…

I have a 1998 Lincoln Town Car, and I am having an issue with the power windows. Almost all new parts at this point. New motors, switches, etc. This problem is just affecting the front driver’s window, in the it will not raise and lower. Here is what has been done so far: I put in a brand-new window motor. Didn’t solve it. So, I ordered a new modulator. Put that in, that still did not fix the problem. Then we ordered a used switch panel, and it worked n and off temporarily for just a few days, then became very inconsistent, until it stopped working all together. So now we have replaced it with an entire brand-new switch panel. Still, the other three windows work perfectly (as before), but the driver’s front window will not go up or down. WHen I try it, you hear the clicking of the switch and the slight sound from the door as if it was going to “try” to lower or raise the window, but it will not do anything. And before, when the other used switch worked interittently, the movement of the window up and down was fluid and very responsive. SO I am thinking nothing is actually stuck in the track or anything. At this point, after all of those new parts and such I am at a loss, and I am hoping among mope that someone might have any leads on what to check next? It would be such a wonderful CHristmas gift for the family if I could fix this window. Thanks very much, everyone!

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  1. My 98 towncar had the same problem and was driving me nuts. I didn’t throw parts at it like you, but checked the wiring and saw the wire harness coming through the door, one had a nick in it enough to ground it out under the water panel. I taped the section up and viola ! The window works. One other thing to check for which I did not know. I didn’t realize that the drivers door when open wasn’t turning on my interior lights. The car thinks the door is open all the time and won’t allow the windows to work when the door is actually open. Inside the door near the door latch, there are black and blue wires, make sure yours are connected without any breaks.

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