Dec 292011

I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan v6 3.3L that has been having a few issues. First it started to hesitate while accelerating and occasionally stalling out @ stop lights. It also started getting bad gas millage during this time. That sort of went away, then a week ago the engine would shut off while driving. If I was able to get it restarted it would repeatedly shut off until I reached my destination. Now, I can drive it to work in the morning with no issues, leave it sit the whole day, then drive home (about 20min) also, with no issues. If I try to go somewhere after I get home from work, that it where the problems begin.

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  1. Ok, got the cables spliced and am now back to my original problem. I got the codes for my van. The two codes it is giving are P0442 & P0455 which are medium and large evap leaks. I don’t think that has anything to do with the reason why the van just shuts off while I am driving, but it’s all I have to go off of right now. It’s funny because I can drive it short distances leaving a few hrs in between driving it, and will have no issues whatsoever. It seems to do it once the engine has been hot for awhile. Anyway, any further guidance in this area would be greatly appreciated.


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