manual transmission problems

The transmisson is dificult to shift when its cold is it possible the syncros are sticking because of sludge or is there air in the clutch fluid lines

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  1. It would be helpful to know the Year, make and model…. but for now, lets just go with the basics to answer your question.

    If when the engine isn’t running you can easily move the shifter in and out of gear, then the syncros are fine(and would be in most cases)

    As for air in the lines, not likely unless you recently tried to bleed them yourself.

    Most likely cause for this issue is a failing/failed Clutch Master Cylinder

  2. its a 95 ford f150 4×4 with a 5 speed manual transmission and engine size is 302… hard is a clutch master cylinder to replace

  3. And yes I can move the shifter fine when the engine isn’t running ..I really appreciate your feedback thank you

  4. Replacing the clutch master cylinder isn’t to hard if your used to working on vehicles and have the tools. On most of these setups it is best to buy the sealed assembly(clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder with reservoir) This keeps you from needing to bleed it and makes it like new again. You will want to get the parts from a dealer parts department. Have you VIN# ready before calling.

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