04 Honda CRV problems w/overheating and vtec system

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I have a 04 Honda CRV that recently overheated after I picked it up from a body shop that had done repairs from a minor accident in which they replaced the radiator. It may have been driven only a couple of minutes or possibly up to 10 minutes while overheated. The body shop had not filled the radiator apparently and they sent a guy to help me on the side of the road where I had pulled over. It took over a ½ a “jug” full of antifreeze and we had to wait for it to charge through the system before the heat in the car worked. The next morning the engine almost stalled twice, although did not completely stall (it more or less, “bucked” while moving), and the check engine light came on. The shop said the check engine light was due to an electrical switch related to the Honda vetch system. The switch was replaced and I went to pick up my vehicle just as they were leaving to test drive it. The test driver came back and told the manager while I was standing nearby that the same thing was happening, that it was mechanical and something about restricted oil flow. They shop is supposed to call me today after they check it out again. I’m a female, don’t know much about cars. Is there anything I should know or ask? The body shop told me when they hooked up the computer to my car after the overheating incident that there were no overheating codes, but this electrical switch problem showed up. Do these issues; the vetch system switch problems, check engine light, engine almost stalling sound like they could be issues caused by vehicle overheating? I’m wondering if this is the body shops fault since they didn’t fill the radiator properly and apparently didn’t test drive the vehicle before they said it was done. Although, the manager told me he ran it for a “long” time before he called us to pick it up. Not sure can believe that – wouldn’t it have overheated then if there wasn’t enough radiator fluid. Sorry for this long email. Thank you so much for any help or thoughts.


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  1. I’m certain it is all related to the accident but not the body shop as it was damaged before it was brought to them. Is the engine no longer overheating? 1/2 gallon is not enough to cause any major problems in 10 minutes of driving.

    I would not rely on a Body Shop for Mechanical engine issues as this is not there expertise..

    Not much to ask other than is the problem fixed and what is the warranty? Make sure you get a receipt for the work

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