Jan 292012

  3 Responses to “2003 Civic EX Coupe Radio Volume problems”

  1. What was the Question?

  2. I guess this did not post correctly. The volume on my 2003 Civic EX coupe radio, when used on AM, is not working properly. Either it starts of loud and gets intermittently lower or it starts of low and gets louder. My Honday dealer diagnosed this as a “radio problem” and the radio was sent out for repair. when it came back and was reinstalled the same problem persists. There are no issues with the CD player or when the radio is used on FM. Any ideas on how to diagnose this issue? The problem NOT affected by whether the defroster is on or not. thanks, Rich

  3. Still sounds like a internal radio issue. If you paid the Honda dealer to repair it, I would have them send it back out or replace the unit.

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