96 Toyota Corolla

My 96 Toyota Corolla passed smog and then the following week had the timing belt, power steering belt, oil change, throttle cleaned, vehicle speed sensor replaced, and now has a code for misfire on 1,3, and 4. I was told to have a tune up done but did not yet have the money so I was on my way home and it stalled and wont start now. It sounds like it wants to start but doesn’t, I had it towed to my home and now it is sitting  there. It has gas and at the time it stalled the battery had charge but now 3 days later the battery is dead.

1 thought on “96 Toyota Corolla”

  1. When you say it won’t start…

    Does the engine spin over?

    Doesn’t spin over… you will need to charge the battery first and then see if you have spark or not if the engine will spin over.

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