hyundai fuel sensor

the gas gauge has quit working in my 2008 Sante Fe. I was told it was probably the fuel sensor. So when I brought it to the dealership (thinking I had a 100’000 mi warranty) they told me I was “outa gas” because my car was over 60,000. I am really bummed because its going to cost me money I just dont have. I know, “use the odometer” I have been, but its a drag when you dont have the money to fill up! Anyway, is it hard to replace the tank and/or sensor?

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  1. If you are not a mechanic, i don;t suggest you try it yourself as it is quite dangerous to work around that mush exposed gasoline.

    It requires the proper tools to disconnect the fuel lines and the proper support jacks to lower the fuel tank and then you can get to the fuel pump/sensor area. I think it would be worth having done, but you might want to shop around some local shops for an estimate that is more your liking!

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