toyota picnic 1998 2.2gls tdi keeps losing power when driving

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  1. if the check engine light is on, scan the codes first.

    Some common reasons could be but are not limited to:
    1) a clogged catalytic converter(if equipped)
    2) fuel system restriction
    3) fuel pump failure
    4) MAF sensor failure (if equipped)
    5) misfire

  2. Engine light is on and has been for a good while and went the best i but a new clutch in and has been losing power since the battery was dissconnect when butting the clutch in.Have changed all the sensors i could see even the speedo sensor in the gearbox.I have the speedomter disconnected at the moment and car goes the best when connected back loses power.If i disconnet the battery over nite the engine light goes off and drives the best untill you switch off the engine and then back on it is back to the same problem also changed the trottle sensor

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