2004 Suzuki Forenza Oil Problems

3 thoughts on “2004 Suzuki Forenza Oil Problems”

  1. I am working on a 2006 Suzuki Forenza. When I took the cover off to access the spark plugs, I discovered motor oil standing about a quarter-inch deep inside the channel.
    What could cause this and how can I try to fix it?

  2. Valve cover gasket leaking.

    Valve Cover Gasket, Replace

    1. Disconnect breather tube from valve cover.
    2. Disconnect all of required vacuum lines.
    3. Remove spark plug cover bolts, then cover.
    4. Disconnect ignition wires from spark plugs.
    5. Disconnect CMP electrical connector.
    6. Remove camshaft cover bolts.
    7. Remove camshaft cover, then the gasket from cover.
    8. Reverse procedure to install.

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