Mar 072012

ive got a 93 Honda accord ex that isw actin all kinds of funky with the transmission.the computer is good the vss is good. it was squealin like the piggy from deliverance till i took the top set of shift solenoids off.when i took them off there was a lil bit of pressure and just a few tiny bubbles that came out from the lower half of the solenoid block.apparently the solenoid unit cannot be disassembled and repaired like the description from a different service site.only a set of screens that could b removed.i put the unit back on and the squealin stopped i proceeded for a test drive only to no avail.i can shut the car off and wait for what sounds like a vacuum diaphragm to release just makes a faint pop i can then start the car and it will drive and shift until i have to stop and go again then it starts actin all funky not wanting to shift again!Im about 100% sure sumthin is just a little restricted and needs to be cleaned out rebuilt and or replaced and im definitely sure i don’t have enuf money for a new trans!the fluid is clean but im suspicious that it was replaced with or topped off with cheap fluid and i kno hondas are finicky as —–!

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  1. As this is a 1993 Honda the trans fluid type isn’t going to make that big of a difference. As for the issue at hand, it sounds like the shift solenoids are sticking a bit. Replacing the solenoid pack should take care of the issue . This is assuming the fluid was and is nice and clean(pinkish/red) and not burnt(black). If it is dark in color, this is an indication of much worse internal problems and you would be looking at a rebuild.

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