98 Kia Sportage can not rev over 2.5 rpm

need help, i had change my fuel injector,knock sensor,o2 sensor,mass sensor,timing belt. plus services all oils. but the problem still there. my KIA Sportage 98 auto 4wd, the gear sometime can ship to high but sometime remaining gear 3 or 4. when running at high way, the rmp cannot over 2.5, if over then that the car feel vibrate, then I have to let go the fuel allow the rmp drop to 2.0 . over all my KIA just cannot speed over 100 kmp. please advice where goes wrong? I had change so many part but problem still there. when use device to scan the car but no defect light turn up! or my workshop foreman is not good enough.

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  1. Depending on what is actually happening:

    If the engine is running rough and struggling to get past 2500 rpm, I would look at a failing coil pack

    If the vehicle just vibrates above 2500 rpm no matter what speed, I would look at a failing coil pack

    If this only occurs above a certain speed, you may have a bad wheel or tire. If this only happens once it has shifted into over-drive, your torque converter may be locking and not unlocking.

    If this only occurs when it is trying to shift or shifts at a different point than it used to, you may be looking at a bad VSS- vehicle speed sensor.

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