mazda 323 astina 1993, noise in rear left shock..

all shocks on car are new, what I like to know is my strut piston retaining nut is lose.. is that suppose to b tight if so how do u tightin it with out piston rotating as well…


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  1. The nut is supposed to be tight. The nut is to be tightened and will bottom out. I see two possible reasons for this.
    1) when installed it is possible that the rubber cushion or metal washer was left off by mistake.

    2) When installed it was not tightened.

    To tightened it, most shops use an impact gun as it will usually spin faster than the shaft and tightens up quite nicely. If you do not have one, you can put a wrench on the nut and another wrench or socket on the tip of the shaft you are putting the nut on.

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