May 232012

i rebuilt a 307 engine on 1984 olds 98. it turns over real slow with a good battery. do i need a high torgue starter?

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  1. Most likely this is from the timing not being set properly. It could be a tooth off or too advanced and cause this to happen.

  2. I agree with FreeAutoMechanic, but also if the battery connections are loose, dirty or the wires are too small, like if you put the battery in the trunk, you will need larger battery cables.

  3. a new timing chain has been installed. it get gas on a good turn, then the battery get weak. put a new ignition coil, but can:t spend enough to keep the mechanical fuel pump and ignition going.

  4. i”m still having trouble wit the olds 98 307 engine. the battery dies out so quickly, do you think i have a elecrtrical ground?

  5. Probably just have a weak/bad battery.
    If you have a bad ground or loose connections the cables will get hot after trying to start the engine.

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