1995 Suburban Air Conditioning Running Hot

A while back I asked about my 1995 GMC 4WD K2500 Suburban running hot – about 240º. I took the truck in and had the radiator flushed with new coolant. No change, still ran hot so I replaced the thermostat with a 195º from the 180º that was in there. I also changed the radiator cap. No change I took it to my mechanic who found the temperature sender at the side of the head was not only the wrong one but was bad including the wire which got too close to the manifold. He also used an infrared something and found that it ran normal. Now, with A/C on it runs at 215º.
Now, the first three speeds of the fan motor don’t work so I believe it is a blower motor resistor which sounds fun to replace – not. Tim addressed someone’s query about their A/C wouldn’t come on and to check the Low Pressure Cutoff Switch back a year ago June 11. Doubt that’s my case.