78 Caddy hard to start cold

I inherited a big Caddy that sat in a car port for six months unused. The engine is a 7 litre with a 4 bbl carb.

I put in platinum spark plugs (heard mixed reviews about that) recommended by auto zone. Gapped the plugs as suggested.

I installed new plug wires.

A mechanic rebuilt the distributor area for me.

I have to crank the pedel about six-10 times, sometimes wait a minute before she cranks.  Once she is warm, she starts right up. Even after 6 hours she will crank instantly. It is when it sits over night it is a pain.

What can I do to fix this?

Thank you!


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  1. The Problem you have is most likely with the Carburetor choke system. In proper working condition you should depress the gas pedal to the floor only once, this sets the choke, and then turn the key and allow it to crank until it starts. And still do not touch the gas pedal once it starts and allow the engine to warm. Then and only then are you to touch the gas pedal which will release the choke. Once the engine is warm it doesn’t require the choke in order to start.

    If it still doesn’t work after trying to start it the right way then……

    Fix: you can have the the choke system repaired or install a manual choke cable.

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