2000 Chevy Impala

I want to install a after market CD player in my car. I was told that I would need a $160 part,and if I get another factory radio,I got to take it to the Chevrolet place to have it coded for my car. Which is the best way to go,and is there anything I can do thats cheaper to bypass the factory Amp?


2 thoughts on “2000 Chevy Impala”

  1. You can buy and aftermarket CD player with a built in amp and rewire the speakers to bypass the factory amp. You might want to call the dealers service department and ask them what it would cost to get a replacement radio coded for your car, it might only be $60.00 which in turn would be the cheapest route.

  2. Thank you. I will call,and check it out. I put my own CD players in,and I would hate to rewire the speakers. Im used to just buying a harness. Its quicker. Rewiring is aggravating,and time consuming.

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