1998 chevrolet silverado,K1500,4×4, 5.7L v 8

ERROR CODES: p0740 and p1860. after a small investigation I found one site that said if there is more than one code that it’s probably NOT the transmission…but the ignition switch. We tested the ignition switch and it’s getting fire (which was one of the requirements)..does this mean that my problem IS the transmission (p0740:TCC solenoid and p1860:TCM PMW solenoid)? if so, for the TCC solenoid it shows 4 different ones at the autoparts store…which one to use and where do they go on the transmission? What it’s doing….not shifting right..although its automatic..it sounds like I’m winding out the gears a bit. Also,when I start it, it will make a small noise, wait a second,make another small noice and turnover. My fuel mileage is bad. it USE to get pretty good fuel mileage for an 8 cylinder. Please help.

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  1. First thing to check would be the transmission fluid level. If the fluid level is low the transmission will not be able to shift correctly and will cause ghost codes to appear. If it is low, top off the level(with engine running and in park on level ground) and then clear codes and test it again.

    If the engine does rev higher than normal before shifting, this would indicate the transmission slipping and can also be caused by low fluid level. If you check the fluid and it appears dark, this indicates burnt internal clutch plates and most likely you will be looking at needing a rebuild.

    If just want to try replacing the solenoid to see what happens, you gain access to the solenoids by removing the transmission pan(lots of fluid will come out(FYI))

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