1998 Honda Civic engine shuts down

1998 Honda Civic

Sometimes when I drive down the road, the engine to my Honda Civic will shut down completely and I have to re-start my car. I will hear a faint click, then the engine just goes off. If I have my lights on, the lights do not go out when the engine goes off. At times I will have to coast to the side of the road, press in the clutch & re-start my car and I continue on. There are also times when I try to re-start, I get the same grinding sound as if I were trying to start my car when the engine is running. It always re-starts, whether it is after one try or after 3 to 4 attempts.

You didn’t mention so I will ask. Was or is the check engine light on and if so, have you had the vehicle scanned for codes? what are the codes?