1999 GMC JImmy 4×4

The 4×4 switches on the dashboard lite up when changing from 2×4 to 4×4 and seem to be working normally but the vehicle is not engaging into 4×4. I have had no previous problems with the 4×4 at all and only had some engine repairs done in the last year. Is there something under the hood that could have been disturbed or disconnected to cause the 4×4 not to function any longer

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  1. About the only thing under the hood that deals with the 4×4 would be a relay/fuse and If the lights on the dash are lighting up… relay/fuses most likely have not been messed with.

    As for the 4×4, if it is below freezing where your vehicle is, you could bring it inside and thaw it out and it will most likely start working again. Many GM trucks tend to collect moisture in the 4×4 solenoid located underneath on the transfer case. Then you expose the truck to below freezing weather and they don’t want to work.

    If it is not cold at all outside, the next step would be to test for power activation directly at the solenoid and is there is power and no solenoid movement, replace the solenoid. If there is no power going to the solenoid when the dash switch is activated, you may have to trace the wires between the switch and the solenoid.

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