2003 Lincoln ls v8

I have 2 misfires on the first 2 cylinders on the right bank ,coils are good new spark plugs new cps and maf what else could it be


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  1. 99% of the time when a ford indicates a misfire on a particular cylinder it is caused by a failed or failing coil. You can swap the coils with two different cylinders, clear the codes and test to see if the engine misfire follows the coils or stays on the same cylinders.

    You can also do the same with the fuel injectors.

    If the misfire stays on those connected cylinders, the next step would be to have a compression test performed. All cylinders should be with in 20 psi of each other. If you see a noticeable drop in pressure in the two cylinders that are misfiring you may have a blown head gasket.

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