1989 toyota pick-up 3.0 v6

Motor turns over a lot before it will start. Once it is started it runs good until temperature hand strarts moving off of cold and when stop at stop sign it will die. It takes a few minutes to get it to start again but after that it will run all day no problem. Do you have any suggestions? Replaced thermostat,throttle position sensor,all vaccum hoses, plugs wires, cap, rotor button and flushed radiator.

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  1. The most common cause for this would be the Idle Speed Control.

    The second most common would be the engine temperature sensor. If the sensor is sticking , it may be sending a signal tot he engine that it is already warm when the engine really isn’t. If this is the case, the Idle speed control would work right and would cause it to want to die when stopping. It would also not give as much gas on initial start up because it thinks it is already warmed up.

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