ford 5.0 mustang

besides balancing and blueprinting what else is involved is getting my engine to rev higher safely ?

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  1. The factory engine can withstand 6500 rpm all day everyday. To safely rev 7,000 rpm to 9,500 rpm with out fear of it coming apart. The first thing you will need to do is start over. Yup. you will need a “Sportman” block(depending on what year 5.0 mustang you are starting with), a steel crank and Performance rods. You will need an aftermarket harmonic balancer, I prefer Fluid Dampers. The factory rubber insert one should be replaced as soon as you make your first mod in my opinion. I have seen too many of them come off and damage the radiator. You will need stronger valve train, Stiffer Springs so the valve don’t float. Stronger push rods so the stronger springs don’t bend them. You get the idea. After all that, you will need to change the factory rev limiter to allow the engine to rev higher.

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