1989 Ford Bronco

I need to know what’s wrong with my vehicle. It was working the other day. Then last night, I tried to leave and when I turned the ignition, nothing happened. No churring engine, no noise. The lights “check engine” as well as a picture of a battery was lit. Tried using jumper cables and that didn’t work.

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  1. Sounds like the Starter or Starter Relay. This is of course if you did have it in park and the battery is Good??? Slight possibility it could be the neutral safety switch(not very common.

    Number one cause of a no start is a weak or bad battery.
    You can take the time to have someone hold the key in the “START” position while you check for battery power at the “S” terminal on the starter. If you see Battery power then you have confirmed the starter needs to be replaced. (you can bang on it with a hammer while the key is held in “START” and sometimes get lucky enough for it to start one last time to help get it to a garage).

    If there is not battery power at the “S” terminal with the Key held in the “START” position, you will need to trace backwards to see where your power is lost. Here is a Free Wiring Diagram to help.

    89 ford bronco wiring diagram

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