1997 ford ranger xlt 4.0 L 4X4

Tried hooking up a CB into my distribution box. CB had power and was working fine. Started my truck up and my fuel gauge is all the way topped out and my abs light is now on. Snap on computer wouldn’t read the codes. any help would by much appreciated. I thought maybe it could be my GEM module. any suggestions? CB is no longer hooked up and still having the problem

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  1. As far as codes go, if you are trying to check for ABS codes, you will have to use the ABS software to check for that. It is possible for the ABS light to come on if a fuse or relay is bad.
    Since you have been messing with the electrical stuff when hooking up your CB it would be very easy to have blown a fuse.

    The first thing to do in this situation would be to remove, inspect and test each fuse under the dash and under the hood.

    Let me know what you find.

  2. Now that you have confirmed the fuses are good the next step would be to check any fuse-able links and ground connections.

    Here is what I am thinking. The fuel gauge sending unit works off a grounded rheostat to send its signal. It carries a constant positive signal and uses the changing ground signal to move the gauge on the dash. So with this in mind, I think it may have lost its ground connection.
    Most likely where you were messin’ about with your CB install. So check there first. A loose ground wire at the battery or junction box under the hood.

  3. all grounds were good. peeled up the carpet in my truck to check if i drilled through any wiring harnesses. turned out I did. butt spliced them back together and everything is good to go. Thanks for the advice .

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