1997 Ford Ranger 4.0 4×4 xlt

I want to put a (small) lift on my ranger. I dont even know where to start. What would be your best recommendation for a brand of lift for this truck. and is it ok to lift these trucks?

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  1. Yes. It is OK to lift this truck.
    Where to start. I guess the first place to start would be to determine what the reason for lifting it is.
    If it is just for looks, then you might want to stick with a small body lift and leave it at that. For this, not going to make that much difference where you pick one up or who its made by. You could get a kit form JCWhitney for around $100.00 that is advertised as Direct fit with Nylon bushings that will raise it 2″ or 3″ that will “Give your truck that “off-road look” and ability
    Provide the extra clearance you need for travel over rough, rocky terrain-; allow use of big tires or wheels without fender well modifications. Large graphite and glass-impregnated nylon body blocks provide maximum support with minimum weight increase. All necessary blocks, bolts, spacers, adapters and instructions included.” JCWhittney

    If you are wanting to do some serious muddin’ or crawlin’ you might want to go with a suspension lift.

    I would go with Tuff Country 24860 Lift Kit-Suspension for around $500.00 from Summit Racing
    But you will need to buy the Shocks Separate.

  2. Now if I go with a 2 or three inch lift will that affect my drive shaft angle to where I will half to change that to?

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