1997 Golf

I’ve got a 1997 Golf Mk3, 1.8L, that has a bad PCV valve. I bought a new valve this weekend but am having trouble unhooking the old one from the 2 hoses attached to it (the one attached to the air filter duct and the one attached to the breather tube). I’ve twisted and pulled on the hoses but can’t get them to budge. Is there a secret/trick to disconnecting these hoses? I don’t want to break something, especially the brittle breather tube, so I’ve been leary to use more force than necessary.

Thanks for any help!


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  1. No real trick to it. Some hoses are easier to remove than others, has to do with how old the hoses are etc. I have had to cut some off or put a razor blade to it and either cut the hose shorter for install or replacing the hoses completely. It have to be removed , so use whatever force is needed. Sometimes a shot of WD-40 will help.
    Remember that you are replacing the PCV so if you damage the old one, no harm done.

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