1998 cheverolet blazer 4×4

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!4×4 chevy blazer has a situation of crank but no start. i tried to fix it. replaced the crankshaft position sensor and set the time of the distributor. replaced the coil pack, replaced the distributor cap and button. spark plugs are good, battery good, fuses are good. good fuel flow. computer diagnostic shows no codes.


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  1. First we need to know what you are missing. We need to know if you are missing SPARK and we need to know if you are missing Fuel Injector PULSE.

    If you have spark, you may try spraying starting fluid in to see if it runs. If it does, make sure you have injector pulse. If you have injector pulse your next step would be to test the fuel pressure.

    Post back in the comments and let us know.

    No Start Troubleshooting

  2. power into crank sensor but none out have power into and out of coil and ignition control module

  3. timing can cause the engine not to start but you should still have spark on the spark plug, it would just be at the wrong time and not want to run.

    Make sure you are checking for spark at the plugs as well as out of the coil.

    Check your connections at your crank sensor and you may even try putting the old one back on and trying it.

    Make sure your plugs aren’t fouled out from all the cranking with no spark.

  4. Make sure you have Injector Pulse. If you have no spark and no injector pulse and ECM fuse is good and wiring then your ECM is bad.

    If you have injector Pulse and no spark, wirng is good, it could be the ignition control module or crank sensor.

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