2000 bmw 528i

what makes the engine idle rough and blow smoke out the exhaust at first crank in the morning for about 5 minutes then it clears up and runs fine and temp gauge stays normal

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  1. fouled spark plugs, oil soaked plugs, bad valve seals.

    I would start buy removing the spark plugs first thing in the morning after it has set all night. Look at each one and take note what condition they are in. If they haven’t been replaced in a while, replace them as it takes the same amount of time to put the old ones back in. Check the oil condition, has it been changed in a while or do you just keep adding oil?

    Take note of the color of exhaust smoke and this will also help us in the right diagnosis. Report back your findings.

  2. >>> thanks for the info , the oil and plugs has been changed in the past 3 months, it just started this a week ago and the smoke looks white and smokes for a few minutes after first crank also idles rough then it runs correct and no smoke, when i changed plugs i noticed valve cover gasket is leaking a little but doesn’t burn any oil

    The White smoke tells me it is burning anti-freeze/coolant. I would check your coolant level to see just how much is being burned. You can perform a pressure test on the cooling system, do this with the plugs out first thing in the morning and you should see coolant coming out of one or two of the cylinders.

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