2000 chevy blazer zr2

my blazer is a 2000 zr2 and it has new fuel pump new fuel filters but yet its cutting out acting as though its starving for gas shutting off if the a/c is on sometime too.. idling smooth but sometime as I pull out from a light or stop sign it does the jerking thing and acts as if its starving for fuel.

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  1. If the check engine light is on, pull the codes and post them back.

    No light, the first thing i would do would be to clean the throat of the throttle body with brake wash and a rag. Clean the butterfly itself so maximum amount of air can flow when the throttle is closed. Tune the engine as it probably wouldn’t hurt to have some new plugs anyway. Test drive. If problem is still there and no check engine light. Replace the IAC Valve.

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