2000 Mazda Mpv Lx 2.5 6 Cyl

Why Does My Vehicle Over Heat When I Get Up To 70 ? As Long As I Drive 55-60 It Is Fine. What Makes It Over Heat On When I Reach 70 Or More ? I Don’t Have Any Antifreeze In It, Would This Be The Reason It Over Heats ? If This Is Not The Cause Please Let Me Know What The Cause Could Be. “O” I Have Changed The Thermostat Twice And This Did Not Help. What Do You Think Is Causing This ? I Will Be More Than Grateful For Any Ideas Or Help. Thanks .

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  1. iN THE OLD DAYS IF YOUR ENGINE RPMS WENT UP A LITTLE HIGH THE FAN BLADE WOULD STRAIGHTEN AND NO LONGER COOL. Not having any anti-freeze would definitely cause it to over heat. Water boils at 212 degrees. Water and coolant boil at over 240 degrees.

    Mix water and coolant 50/50.

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