2002 Isuzu Axiom

I have a 2002 Isuzu Axiom. I’m having 2 problems and I’m not sure if they are related. 1. My door locks for every door except the drivers door will not lock or unlock using the remote or the locking switch on the door panel. I think this my be a module problem can you confirm this also is the module located under the window buttons on the door panel and would a faulty one make the drivers side window hesitate when going up to the closed position. 2. what would cause my windshield wipers not return to the park position.?

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  1. Does your Mater Door Lock Assembly(drivers door)have a lock out switch? If not it could be the Mater Switch Assembly (it is the module) or the wiring going to or from it. If it is in the wiring it is usually where the door hinges.

    The window hesitates would be a window motor issue, replacing it should fix that.(1% if the time it could be the switch contacts but once contact is made the window should continue and not ever stop)

    Your Windshield wipers on some cars will not go to the parked position until they are turned off. You may need to have them reset. Ice is the main cause for them being knocked out of position.

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