2003 Ford Taurus

For the past couple days it has been leaking anti-freeze and running hot, but not to the point to where the needle goes all the way into the red. The puddles underneath the car are orange in color. Yesterday while driving to work the car started running hot I switched on the heat and the temperature guage dropped the smell of antifreeze was extermely strong and the heat turned cold. After that the car shut off while ddriving down the expressway. We had to car towed home changed the water pump the anti-freeze in resivour is orange and clumpy and now the car will not start. It turns over but will not fire up


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  1. Since you overheated the car to where it shut off on you, Internal damage has already been done. The next step will be to remove all the spark plugs and top off the coolant level(I suggest water at this point simply for testing purposes)and see if the coolant doesn’t flow out of one or more of the spark plug holes. If it does, removal of the heads will be require to determine if just the head gasket has blown or if damage to the heads has been done.

    If no coolant comes out I would perform a compression test on each cylinder. Post back your findings by posting a comment below.

  2. i did a power steering pump on my car and didn’t take the air out is that bad and how is the best way to get it out?

  3. The best way to bleed the power steering system is to add fluid, run the engine and turn the steering wheel from one complete side to the other a couple of times and turn the engine off. Let the car set for 10 minutes. Remove fill cap and repeat. Leaving it set for 10 minutes between checking the fluid level allows the air bubbles to escape. Usually takes a few times. Repeat if needed. DO NOT OVERFILL.

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