VW Beetle covertable 2 litre 05 plate

Can you assist please?
We have a VW Beetle convertible 05 plate which we have had for four years. The car has been serviced regularly and has 80k on the clock, doing city and motorway driving.
Problems are intermittent but starting to reoccur with some regularity. The VW dealer has had the car on the diagnostic machine a couple of time but they cannot find a fault.
1, Fuel gauge works most of the time and sometime doesn’t work at all
2, the boot lid also doesn’t work on occasions’
3 Yesterday drove to work, parked up then saw a better parking space tried to start the car but it wouldn’t start. Eventually it stared and couldn’t get ant revs. Parked the car and when locking the car the windows wouldn’t fully close. Went to work and on returning to the car it started straight away and run without problem.

Do you have any ideas what’s wrong? The VW dealer suggested a new instrument panel.


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  1. 1) Fuel gauge issue will most likely need to have the sending unit replaced to take care of that.
    2) boot lid issue may just be a weak battery in the remote. I would replace the remote battery first.

    The starting issue almost sounds to me like a weak battery and or alternator. meaning the alternator may not be charging and ran the battery dead. After it set for a while the battery had enough juice to start without issue. That said, test the alternator and battery asap.

  2. Thank you for your suggestions we had the battery checked and found to be faulty

    New battery fitted – The car now runs like a dream – several weeks have passed without incident
    Thanks so much, very much appreciated

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