2009 Honda Fit Sport

I’m having glitchy acceleration problems with my ’09 Honda Fit Sport 5 speed AT. Before I start, I’ve eliminated coil packs, spark plugs, AT fluid, and the air filters as a problem.

The issue I need help identifying:

– When accelerating through first and second gears from a complete stop the acceleration is hesitant. When pressing on the accelerator the car hesitates at low speed for about 1 to 2 seconds and then moves into a higher speed. If I press firmly on the accelerator pedal down to about one third to the floor, acceleration is a very pronounced without any hesitation, the engine revs normally, and the car moves forward. This is just not good for stop and go traffic as I could rear end someone.

– No misfiring during highway travel. Car maintains consistent speed.

– Car lunges forward when shifting from park to drive after the engine has fully cooled. This is the only time it happens.

– Turning the ignition first thing in the AM is a more delayed response than at any other time. So, when starting the car I can hear the car “turning over” for about 1 full second when the engine is cool in the morning, and it happens instantly at all other times.

– Driving in first gear in slow traffic the car’s speed hesitates. If I’m driving in first gear in slow traffic for a bit and then give it more gas, the car again hesitates through 2nd until it reaches third gear. There’s no grinding or clunking and the shifting isn’t very hard, it’s just as if it struggles to reach a consistent speed.

– Check engine light has never been on.

– When driving I can periodically smell burnt off motor oil (very faint smell and no smoke) coming through an open window or through the vents. There is no oil leak.

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  1. My first thought would be to have the Speed control Checked. Most new cars today have “Throttle By Wire” controlled systems. To be safe i would Contact Your Local Dealer and Check for Any Recalls…. Have your VIN# handy when calling.

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