99 Grand Cherokee Larado 4wd I6

Just had the rear main seal replaced (dropped oil pan instead of removing trans). It is now leaking twice as much oil as before…what could be the possible causes ? Does it need to be replaced again? Also, if the mechanic didn’t torque anything to spec, or even use a torque wrench (goes by “feel & experience”) could that affect the outcome?

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  1. welcome back, hope you were able to get your civic taken care of within the estimate range we provided. Moving on to this issue.

    The repair is only as good as the warranty that comes with it. So, if it is leaking worse from the rear main seal that you just paid to have corrected and there is a warranty, you shouldn’t have any problem getting them to take care of it.

    If you are a shop and your customers car is now worse, that is a whole different issue. Yes it will need to come back apart and examined. If you find that the new seal is OK without damage, you will need to look into installing a “Speedy Sleeve”. The Speedy Sleeve is very thin and will need to be installed to take up space where the oil seal has worn a slight groove in the crank seal area. This is a common issue with engines with a lot of miles on them. And of course if you find the seal damaged you may try a new one paying close attention to the crank for any small grooves. You don’t want to go through this a third time… Please take the time to post back any further questions or just let us know how it turns out. Post below in the comments.

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