2001 BMW E90 320i

My BMW has a ping noise when I drive and change gears, and it feel like it the car is holding back on the power which is not the way that it use to be when I drove it previously. I am not sure what the cause could be but it has started doing this all of a sudden.

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  1. Generally engine ping is cause by low octane fuel. Either the fuel is contaminated or to low for the engine. Try adding some High octane fuel from a different gas station. The ping noise is from pre-detonation of the fuel. It is igniting before the engines pistons are all the way at top dead center. Continual driving in this condition WILL cause damage to the engine. In most cases it will put a hole in the top of the piston. That being said, put the higher Octane in as soon as you can. The highest octane you can find.

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