2008 chevorlet hhr

My car would not drive in snow. light kept coming on(low traction). air in tires was fine. I could not go more than 30 miles an hour without the light coming on. Does this mean my front wheel drive is not working or something else wrong?

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  1. My guess is that you are trying to drive on ICE and the system is working properly. If your driving on dry roads…then you have an issue.

    When drive wheel slip is noted while the brake is not applied, the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) will enter traction control mode.

    First, the EBCM requests the engine control module (ECM) to reduce the amount of torque to the drive wheels via the serial data. The ECM reduces torque to the drive wheels by retarding the spark timing and timing of the fuel injectors. The ECM reports the amount of torque delivered to the drive wheels via serial data circuit.

    IF the engine torque reduction does not eliminate the drive wheel slip, the EBCM will actively apply the drive wheel brakes. During traction control braking, hydraulic pressure in each drive wheel circuit is controlled to prevent the drive wheels from slipping. The master cylinder isolation valve closes in order to isolate the master cylinder from the rest of the hydraulic system. The prime valve then opens in order to allow the pump to accumulate brake fluid in the order to build hydraulic pressure for braking. The drive wheel inlet and outlet solenoid valves then open and close in order to perform the following functions.
    1. Pressure hold
    2. Pressure increase
    3. Pressure decrease

    Some ABS – Anti-lock Brake System components also function as part of the traction control system(TCS).

    Intermittent electrical conditions are often caused by a loss of ground, poor connection, or water intrusion into the wiring harness.

    You can turn the traction control off by pressing the TCS button(sliding car icon), located near shift lever or below climate controls. TRAC OFF indicator light will illuminate when system is disabled.

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