2013 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 6 speed Manual with hill assist and want to disconnect it. Can and how can this be done?

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  1. It is managed by the Electronic Brake Control Module
    a simple switch wired in at the parking brake sensor switch will do the trick but would cause the indicator light to pop up.

    2 suggestions found:

    1) I have found that if you lightly set the park brake (1st click) the hill start assist will not activate The bad part is the chime starts as soon as you start moving. I have not had time to see if I could activate the the park brake sensor by depressing the brake pedal, I believe if you could do this you could trick the computer into not activating the hill start assist and the car would drive the way it should.

    2)1) stop as normal
    2) move stick to neutral
    3) let clutch out while in neutral
    4) reduce brake pressure to absolute minimum to hold car steady
    5) put car into gear; (this will re-engage the HSA this time reading the holding brake pedal pressure in #4 instead of the stopping pressure in #1)

    Often you can avoid HSA altogether in this way. If it does engage, it is at the lowest brake pressure and you can typically pull away without too much fuss.

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