97 GMC Seria 1500

My new battery keeps going dead after 3 days. Store checked it out alt. is charging and no drain on battery. Where should I go from here?

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  1. You could use a meter to test for an electrical draw. If you have recently done some new radio work or remote starter work or alarm system work… I would check there first. If it has recently been in a wreck, you may have some shorted wiring around that are.
    Double check to make sure the interior lighting is off (easier to do in the dark) as sometimes the glove box light stays on or a dome light or even a door not fully closed can do it. Make sure the cigar lighter doesn’t have a phone charger left in it or a dime didn’t fall in there. I have even seen a chewing gum wrapper in a cigar lighter cause a draw on the battery.

    Now, I have also seen New batteries with bad sells. If you are able to charge it and disconnect the terminal ends and leave it set for three days and it is dead… Bad battery, probably internally shorting.

    In most cases if the alternator is charging and there is no draw on the battery…. and it goes dead, the battery has an imperfection and needs to be replaced.

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