Isuzu 2001 trooper limited transmission

yesterday the car arrived.. tranny was running fine, i thought.. than a mech. drained tranny fluid.. he said he installed the correct level.. he did it while laying on the ground.. backyard mech..i had 2 gallons for the filling.. i think he used less than a quart, if that.. when i went to put it into gear it would not move.. went thru all the gears.. it’s an automatic tranny… nothing!!! when he drained the fluid less than several quarts came out… he said it needs seals that can be installed by opening the bottom pan.. and it’s an $800 job if done in a shop.. i was at –advance auto parts and they said they have the flow seals…the tranny seemed to run good until the mech drained the fluid…… i believe the tranny should have 8+ quarts installed to have it run right….. moveover, at the store he pulled fluid that was—not–dextron 111……… the –only–type that should be used…. within 12 hours i will fire him from doing anymore work on my trooper.. thanks for a competent response, okay?????

The correct fluid and level of fluid it important for any transmission to be able to operate properly. You can use Mercon 5 fluid as it can be used in all transmissions. It is synthetic fluid. Rule of thumb, you can go up in the number band be OK but not down.

How to Check your Fluid Levels

Is there no dipstick to check the fluid level on this vehicle? If there is, check the level.

Automatic transmission fluids can be broken down into two types, Dexron® III and Ford type F. These fluids are specific to the transmission using them. Don’t assume that all Ford vehicles use type F, they don’t!
•Dexron® III, sometime referred to as multi-purpose ATF. This replaces the old Type A, Suffix A, was recommended by GM, Chrysler and AMC between 1956–1967. It also supercedes Dexron® and Dexron® II fluids. Ford vehicles 1977 and later with the C6 transmission or the Jatco transmission in the Granada and Monarch also use this fluid. Ford refers to this fluid as Mercon® , or transmissions where type H or CJ where recommended.
•Type F fluid is recommended by Ford Motor Co. for most late model Fords and certain imports, and contains certain frictional compounds required for proper operation in these transmissions.

There is not much of a problem here, since the bottles are clearly marked to indicate the type of fluid. If you are in doubt, check your owner’s manual.

The entire transmission holds 9.10 quarts of fluid, this includes the torque converter. Generally when you drain the pan and replace the transmission filter, it takes about 5 quarts to refill. Checking the fluid level is important. If the fluid level is low, the vehicle will not move and act the way that yours is acting right now.

Refer to your car’s owners manual for the exact way to check the transmission fluid level and do just that.