1991 Toyota 4Runner SR V6

Hi. I have a 91 Toyota 4runner which just broke down on me. the problem is that it wont go into gear.. Ive had this problem before and the mechanic (my friend) said that it was the clutch, so he replaced my clutch, when I got it back it worked just fine. although I noticed some consistent problems with it as before. 1, the clutch will not engage (when I push the clutch in or whatever) until it is nearly all the way to the floor. 2, After the 7th day of driving it, it became harder and harder to get it to shift into any gear. finally came to where I could go into any gear (this happened while I was driving on my way home). So I looked the problem online and people were saying its either the clutch or the master. Those were an easy fix so I replaced both of them, I bought a pint of dot 3 brake fluid as required for the vehicle and continued the bleed out process. I did that and even had a clear hose line to make sure there was no air in the system. I do know that there are no leaks in the line also. after I had finished everything, I turned it on and still could not get it to shift, it was almost as if I wasn’t even pushing in the clutch. one more thing to state, I can still shift when the car is off, you can even hear it shift into each gear I go into, nice and smoothly. so my question is, is my pressure plate bad or is it the throw out bearing or does anyone know of what it could definitely be?